Creating a New Event Page

Looking to feature your event on Do214?

Lucky for you, we're happy to let our users add events to our listings.

RAD! Thanks, Do214. 

So How can I get my event on Downtown Dallas Inc's Do214-powered calendar?

Once you've added your event to Do214, it will be available for the Downtown Dallas Inc team to feature on their calendar. As a spam prevention measure, events can not be added immediately to our Calendar Partners' sites. No need to fret though! As long as your event appears to be legitimate and is located within the Downtown Dallas area, the Downtown Dallas team is more than likely happy to help place your event in front of their audience, just like we are to ours.

Creating a new event page 101:

1. Sign up for Do214 or login to your existing account

2. Then head to this page to add your event details, photo, bands, etc.

*NOTE* Please don't add a photo with text in it (like a show or event poster) to the main photo slot or we may have to replace it. Please place a text-free image in that upload area and all images with text (like posters) into the poster upload area.

3. Also - at the bottom, there's a place to check "Interested in promoting this event?" - please only check this box if you're interested in advertising or partner promotions (or just really want an email from us.)

4. WAIT! You're not done quite yet... Visit your event page, scroll down a bit and click into the event description region to add & format your event's details. Make sure to click "Save" once you've typed it all in!

PS -- if you're ever having trouble, give us a shout at [email protected]